July 15, 2011

Front Porch Life

And the porch that was in the front of the house,
the length of it was according to the breadth of the house, twenty cubits,
and the height was a hundred and twenty:
and he overlaid it within with pure gold.
~2 Chronicles 3:4

It's not Solomon's Temple, but it's mine.  Summer, the foremost season in any country, is not always divine in Alaska.  Yet I have a covered front porch to enjoy from April through September, when the outdoors elements might be too wet or cold to take pleasure in.  I take respite on the porch, often listening to the steady rainfall on our metal roof.  But then there are days like today, where it warmed up to 65 degrees outside, making it about 85 on the porch.  I love it!  Here are a few glimpses of my haven on Lisburne Avenue.

Ready for company!

Little blue kitty  from Puerto Vallarta nestled in clover.

Count the ladybugs in the picture!

Pink is my color this year.
Porch Angel

I have callas everywhere!

Karli's chair

Is the bird real?

Roots and things

As you can see, it was a sunny day when I took this photo.
 My lawn was new last year.  I think it looks good!


Until the rain passes, you might find me here.


  1. Love all of your garden art!!!!

  2. Oh wow! Your porch is beautiful!! I love the flowers brought "inside" and the artistic touches throughout!

    Can I come for a cup of tea?

  3. You said pink is your colour this year. Do you choose a different colour as the focus of your planters each year?

    Glad you are enjoying some warmth this summer. Have a terrific weekend.

  4. Your porch is lovely and I love your use of blue and green together...the blue cat is adorable too.

    Blessings Kelsie

  5. Love your covered porch! You have beautiful touches throughout, both floral and non-floral.
    Blessings, Beth

  6. Beautiful words and photos, you are masterful.