November 27, 2011


I sleep well in winter.  Better to comfort one's self with warmth from the hearth, crackling, snapping, blazing
and rest
than take haste to not hope.

The swans linger
            till the pale grass is beset by frost and wind.
Who has seen their lonely flight?

One breath is a hard, cold fact. I stay awake, alert. 

My arctic landscape appears
                                 under a canopy of fire-lit clouds

and prepares me for the promise I expect to come. 

Hope and pray in Advent wonderment.


  1. I agree - I sleep better in the winter when it feels cozy and warm beside the fire. It's a feeling of comfort and love...The same feeling I have when I think of our Hope in Christ!

    Love you, Joan

  2. the wonder of Advent is so grateful for His coming!

  3. Lovely photos, makes me appreciate what God does around the peninsula for us! Annie