February 3, 2011


“Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.” Ecc. 11:7

 I have a dream that will leave this world a better place. It is beginning to spring forth in me - as a germinating herb: a beautiful image of the silent but certain gradual growth of events in the providence of my blessings. I’m fairly sure of what my strengths are, and while perfection is slightly out of grasp, I can try, keeping persistent as I work, sometimes alone, to realize my passions. Ah, resistance strikes, and I will be ready. I’m in the early stage; I’ve pulled away, keeping within the cozy confines of my home. My world said to me, “Come inside, it is lovely and warm. You can just lie back and relax."

The earth outside is covered with a mantle of white, yet inside I’m organizing my revelations, instructions, thoughts and ideas in preparation. My daughter Annabeth writes, “We are not here to live a life that we design in the making from scratch; we are born already blessed with a quilt of aspirations to lie upon…” As I embrace the comfort of my quilt, I feel happy and at peace.  An antonym for the word behold is "miss". Well, I don't want to miss a thing! Still three more long months of winter, I think. The light through the trees is indeed pleasant to behold, and I am watching.


  1. God is doing a work in you, Bonnie! While you are in this place, upon your quilt of aspirations, He is stirring up your creativity and opening up doors for you. He has a plan that will surely bless you. Enjoy this time of rest and peace. I am sure that you will make this world a better place -- you already do. I am honored to call you my sister.

    I love you! Joan

  2. P.S. I'm so excited for you to be able to take the floral design class! You have a wonderful knack for decorating -- and this will just add to your skills! You are such an encouragement how you are embracing this time in your life with enthusiasm!

  3. I love what your daughter said!

    Welcome to the world of bloggers :)

  4. Beautiful! Love the new layout. Hugs!