June 13, 2011

Early sampling of the garden

Just a preview...things will get growing with some warmer weather and sunshine!  The 10 day forecast for Nikiski is rain, rain, rain however.  I'm not sure if the newly-planted Hellebore or Anenome will come back next year, but I'm sure hoping they do.  This is the shadiest part of my garden.
Red Anenome and Hellebore
A little angel sits beneath a wild rose, just budding right now.  This is oak fern, which grows all over our property.  And you can see the wonderful horse tail.  Since these have been around for a million years, we just enjoy them.  They can become a nuisance, but there's no overcoming them!
Native Oak Fern
Yeah!  The pink Yarrow came back, and the 30 new tulips popped up.  In between these two are Lily of the Valley, transplanted from our Anchorage property.  It will flower any day.
Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Yarrow

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful! Looks like springtime has come to your garden! The early flowers look great! I also love how you include the native plants in your garden. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh your garden looks like it could be in another state. Very nice flower pictures.

    Willow Garden Club is having our big tour next month. You should make a special trip.