June 21, 2011

Enchanted Summer Solstice in Alaska

Here are some beautiful flowers in honor of the first evening of summer.  This photo was taken at 11 PM in my garden at Kepner Drive in Anchorage. 

Himalayan Blue Poppy - Meconopsis betonicifolia

An enchanted life has many moments when the heart is overwhelmed with beauty and the imagination is electrified by some haunting quality in the world or by a spirit or voice speaking from deep within a thing, a place, or a person.

Henry Louis Mencken

Have a wonderful summer,


  1. Stunning! And the time of "day" is even more amazing...to this "Lower 48-er"!

    Love, Joan

  2. Stunning is definitely the right word!!! I hear that the gardens in Alaska are amazing in the summer!

    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog. :) Have a lovely week.