June 17, 2011

Friday's Flowers

Happy Friday!  I'm getting into a higher gear and will be showing photos of my flowers each Friday.  A new goal for me.  I used my daughter's awesome camera for these pictures...Enjoy!

Lewisia Little Plum, from the Portulacaceae family.  This little show-stopper doesn't mind some shade and has the most magnificent colors.  My fern garden is bordered with Little Peaches and Plums. 

Wild Flag, Iris Sitosa

Twelve years ago while driving near the marshy flats behind Wildwood, I spotted some down an embankment by a stream. Luckily I had a shovel with me! These are native sons, easy to divide. This one is growing in full sun but some were transplanted to partial shade last year, and while they will bloom later in the season there, they are looking strong and healthy.

Forget-me-not, Alaska's state flower. A member of the  Boraginaceae family. Love the pink!

Gorgeous!!!  I love this flower!  Anenome,"Harmony Scarlet" from the Ranunculaceae family and related to my Pasque flower, the first bloomer of the year.

Opening up to say hello.  This is the first year for this hybrid Anenome in my shade garden, and I'm hoping for a yearly return.

Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis, born at the Alaska Botanical Garden in Anchorage.  A great purchase for me this year, three at $7 each.

Today I'm off to Homer with my daughter and granddaughter.  Can't go there without a stop at Fritz Creek Gardens.  It is a beautiful sunny day!

TGIFF~! (Thank goodness it's Friday's Flowers!)

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  1. Great pictures!! The flowers are all so lovely. I didn't know that Forget-me-nots came in pink! Love it! Hope you have a great time in Homer and touring the Fritz Creek Gardens. Enjoy the sun!